LaSIGE develops activities in a number of relevant areas of computer science and engineering (CSE), including, human-computer interaction and multimedia, information management, net-centric, parallel and distributed computing, software engineering, security and dependability. As a research unit it has the scientific obligation to disseminate its work, not only amongst the international scientific community, but most notably between their own members and close research community. It is only possible to become a real “unit” if each LaSIGE investigator is able to grasp the research that other members are following, even if not central to their own research. Only then true synergies can be attained.

The same happens regarding close research communities. It is important to know what other researchers are doing in our direct research line. But as important, considering the multidisciplinary nature of modern research, is to understand what other researchers, from other areas of computer science or other sciences, are pursuing.

This workshop aims at reinforcing these two objectives. It should be, before any other goal, a venue that brings together all members of LaSIGE, from all research lines, to discuss the challenges and potential solutions that each line or researcher is trying to reach. It should also bring together relevant researchers from other units with the double purpose of getting to know their work and disseminate ours.